Mama's Got A New Secret Weapon Against Cuts & Scrapes… (This New Skin Healing Spray Is A Must-Have For Parents!!)

Jamie | November 6, 2022

As a mother of three, I deal with all sorts of “little injuries” on a daily basis.

From papercuts and scraped knees to rashes, acne, and blemishes, I’m constantly applying various creams and running out of band-aids.

I don’t mind the effort… but there’s one problem. I’m not a doctor!

I never know whether or not I’m using the right lotion to heal my children properly.

Which is something I wasn’t too worried about… until my daughter had a stubborn rash that didn’t heal correctly, which sent us to the hospital.

She’s fine, but now I don’t know which skincare products I actually need… meaning I’ve had to stock up on a whole grocery list of lotions and creams just to be prepared for their little accidents.

Even then, I could never be sure I was actually helping them heal. Could I be doing something to prevent these scratches from scarring? Am I really using the right cream to help this burn recover?

It made me nervous, but I didn’t think there was anything I could do — aside from taking a nursing course!

But recently, something happened that has completely put me at ease…

About a month ago, I was at the park and my daughter snagged her arm while climbing a fence.

By the time I got there, another parent was with her — and she had a spray bottle in her hand. She asked if she could use it on my daughter’s cut.

My first instinct? Heck no! But I know her from school meetings, so I trust her, and she was surprisingly insistent. I told her about my daughter’s allergies and she said that this was completely natural and safe to use.

Then she did something wild… she sprayed it in her mouth!

With that, I said alright. She sprayed a few sprays on my daughter’s cut and told her to bandage it when it was dry, which we did…

And holy moly, I almost couldn’t believe what happened!

My daughter’s cut healed up in one week… without any scar!

I was blown away. It was the fastest I’d seen a cut like that heal.

Thankfully I had written down the name of the product… ironically, in case something bad happened. How wrong I was!

It’s called Active Skin Repair, and I was shocked when I looked it up — it’s like a miracle for mothers.

It essentially uses just one natural ingredient that your body produces already, and it can help with almost ANY minor skin problem, from cuts and scrapes to rashes, acne, and more.

I ordered a bottle right away… and I’ve been so grateful for it ever since.

I now use Active Skin Repair almost every single day — I don’t know how I lived without it!

I’ve been using Active Skin Repair for a few weeks now, and I’m still shocked at how versatile it is. Now I see why that woman was so comfortable giving it to a stranger’s child!

Since I got it, I’ve used Active Skin Repair for so many things.

Cut myself while cooking? Active Skin Repair.

Kids scraped their knees while biking? Active Skin Repair.

Sunburns from soccer practice? Active Skin Repair.

Acne? Bug bites? Rug burns? Yup, yup, yup. It really does it all!

Most importantly, it’s completely safe to use in virtually any situation.

I found out because I wanted to know HOW Active Skin Repair can help so many different skin problems. And it’s pretty fascinating.

Wait — what exactly is in this stuff?!

I trusted that Active Skin Repair was safe and natural from first-hand experience. But I was still curious… after seeing all the incredible things it could do, I had to know more!

Here’s what I learned:

First off, there’s only one active ingredient in Active Skin Repair: Hypochlorous Acid (aka “HOCI”).

This ingredient is actually produced by your body’s white blood cells already — HOCI replicates the body's immune response.

So, by spraying it on, you’re giving your body more of the stuff it already uses to heal itself.

That’s why it’s so safe… and why it’s so effective for so many different skin conditions.

It’s been used in hospitals for decades, but scientists have only recently stabilized it for consumer use.

Since being released, it’s gone viral and is spreading quickly — all it takes is one demonstration and you’ll never go back to that mess of artificial creams and lotions. It’s even won a few awards, and I can see why!!

I’ve replaced almost every other skincare product with a bottle of Active Skin Repair.

There are a bunch of reasons I’m such a huge believer in Active Skin Repair:

  1. It’s easy to use and works on pretty much EVERY minor skin injury you’ll encounter as a mother.

It’s so easy — just spray on the injury and let your body do the work!

Active Skin Repair has been able to handle everything we’ve thrown at it so far. It’s literally perfect for parents, teachers, and anyone else who’s around children.

You never know what you’ll encounter, but you do know that Active Skin Repair can help… without making things worse. That’s priceless.

  1. It doesn’t sting!

This is HUGE… my kids love using Active Skin Repair. They call it “the magic spray” and feel so much better about using it than they did the stinging lotions of the past.

  1. It’s not messy — at all.

Not only is it sting-free, it’s also a breeze to clean up and absorbs right into your skin or wipes away with a paper towel. No oily, sticky messes to worry about!

  1. It’s also safe to use on acne, eczema, and other skin problems.

As my children enter their teenage years, I have a feeling they’re going to love Active Skin Repair.

  1. It’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and antibiotic-free.

Since there’s just one ingredient — which is naturally produced by our bodies already — I can trust it completely.

  1. It actually helps support the natural healing process…

…which gives me peace of mind. I love it!

Finally, I can stop buying all those creams and lotions — I threw away half a dozen just last week, once I was sure Active Skin Repair really could handle it all. Now my “first aid kit” is down to a few bandaids, hand sanitizer, and a bottle of Active Skin Repair. It makes me feel truly prepared, which gives me priceless peace of mind.

If you’re a parent, I can’t say this loudly enough: You need Active Skin Repair around!

I’m so grateful I found this natural, safe, effective way to help my children (and myself!) heal minor wounds and skin problems.

Most importantly, it gives me peace of mind to know that I’m always doing the right thing for my children. I hope we don’t have to use it very often, but knowing it’s there is already such a boost to my confidence!

The only problem is that it’s still quite new, so they’re often out of stock. However, you can check if it’s available using the link below:

Update: Active Skin Repair is back in stock — here’s where to find it!

Amazing news: Active Skin Repair is back in stock… and even better, they’re running a limited-time promotion for those who order directly from them!

When you order directly from the brand, you’ll get 1 FREE bottle of Active Skin Repair when you buy 2… or 2 FREE bottles when you buy 3!

Simply use the link below to find out if this deal is still available:

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