Scientists Discover Revolutionary “Wound Care Spray“ – And It's Finally Available To The Public

Doctors are hailing a revolutionary new skin repair spray as “the future of skin care” — unlike other skin creams and ointments, it uses just one single 100% natural active ingredient… yet it can help heal HUNDREDS of different skin problems and injuries FAST.

The way you treat minor skin problems — from cuts and scrapes to bug bites, acne, eczema and more — is about to change forever.

A revolutionary new “skin repair spray” has just been released…

And using just one all-natural active ingredient, it can help heal hundreds of different skin injuries and irritations.

This ingredient is not only more effective at repairing your skin than the creams, ointments and other chemical-filled products on the market today… it's also 100% safe to use on babies, kids, and adults of all ages.

And if your skin is sensitive or you’re allergic to the current skin care products out there, don’t worry: This new skin repair spray is completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe to use anywhere on your skin.

In fact, hospitals have used the same medical-grade ingredient for decades to help heal hundreds of various skin injuries and skin problems — from cuts and rashes to acne, sunburn, eczema and more. It’s even used as a powerful, yet non-toxic disinfectant spray in clinical settings.1

Oh, and it’s also completely painless and doesn’t sting — even when sprayed directly on an open cut.

Sounds unbelievable, right?

How can a single active ingredient be responsible for treating so many different skin problems… so effectively… without any allergic reactions at all?

It’s simple: It comes from your body!

As you read this, your white blood cells are producing this very molecule — it’s called Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), and it’s an essential part of your body’s natural healing system. By spraying HOCl on your minor wound or irritation, you promote your skin’s ability to naturally heal itself. It’s incredible!

If you haven’t heard about HOCl yet, there’s a good reason: it’s notoriously difficult to stabilize, so for years, it was only used in hospitals and professional settings… you simply couldn’t get it at home.

But thanks to a recent breakthrough that has FINALLY stabilized HOCl, there is now a consumer version of HOCl that anyone can use: Active Skin Repair.

Active Skin Repair comes in the form of an easy-to-use spray bottle — and despite being recently released, it’s quickly replacing outdated skincare products in homes, schools, and offices around the world. Keep reading to find out why this is such an important breakthrough… plus how you can start using this miraculous healing spray yourself!

What is Active Skin Repair, and why is it such a breakthrough for home skin care?

As we mentioned, Active Skin Repair’s main ingredient, HOCl, already exists in your body. It’s an antimicrobial acid created by white blood cells as a defense system against bacteria and viruses.

When you spray Active Skin Repair on your skin, it starts attacking pathogens by breaking down their cell walls.

This effectively gives your body more of the building blocks it already uses to heal itself, which speeds up the healing process without side effects and without being invasive.

Think about it: Do you trust yourself to choose the right combination of ointments, creams, lotions, and other lab-made chemicals… or do you trust your body to repair itself?

Not to mention the fact that those ointments are messy, smell awful, and frequently cause pain. Some are even toxic!

When you consider the safety and effectiveness of Active Skin Repair, it’s no wonder that dermatologists and hospitals have used it for decades. That said, you probably haven’t heard of it yet…even though it’s been fully cleared by the FDA to treat minor wounds and skin irritations for years.2 Why is that?

Why haven’t I heard of Active Skin Repair or HOCl?

Even though Active Skin Repair seems like it should be a staple in everyone’s medicine cabinet, its main ingredient, HOCl, has actually been unavailable to the general public for nearly 200 years — until recently.

That’s because HOCl breaks down very quickly, so it was only possible to keep it stable in a professional hospital setting.

However, scientists recently discovered a way to cost-effectively produce and stabilize HOCl in water for widespread use.

Thanks to this breakthrough, Active Skin Repair suddenly went from a wild dream to a real possibility… which explains why it’s become so popular seemingly overnight.

Active Skin Repair has already won multiple awards and is flying off the shelves, with more than 500,000 bottles sold already. The buzz is spreading, too: we counted more than 3,000 5-star reviews from happy users, doctors, dermatologists and major media outlets in countries around the world.

Why is Active Skin Repair so great at helping so many different skin problems heal?

It all comes down to the power of nature. HOCl is made from just 2 ingredients: salt and water. As you now know, that’s all your skin really needs to repair itself in many cases.

Even better, it’s simple and easy to use. No fussing with messy ointments or creams… just spray it directly on the skin problem and wait as your skin repairs itself!

And, because it’s so safe and simple, you don’t need a prescription or instructions to use it.

Active Skin Repair has been proven effective in treating:

In short, Active Skin Repair does the work of 6 other ointments and creams — which saves you tons of time, space, and money.

Unlike other skin care products currently on the market, which use harsh chemicals and can cause nasty allergic reactions, Active Skin Repair is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and completely safe to use around your eyes, mouth, and other sensitive areas.

It’s already gone viral, with dermatologists and pediatricians particularly excited about its incredible potential.

Where can I find the Active Skin Repair HOCl Spray?

That’s where the bad news comes in. Sadly, due to all the media buzz, Active Skin Repair is currently sold out. It’s possible you could find it at a local pharmacy, but we suggest waiting until they restock online — they often have excellent “BOGO” deals.

However, because HOCl is difficult to stabilize, it can take time to restock. We will update this article when Active Skin Repair is available.

Update: Active Skin Repair is back in stock — here’s where to find it!

Amazing news: Active Skin Repair is back in stock… and even better, they’re running a limited-time promotion for those who order directly from them!

When you order directly from the brand, you’ll get 1 FREE bottle of Active Skin Repair when you buy 2… or 2 FREE bottles when you buy 3!

You will NOT find this discount in stores! (We told you it was worth the wait.) Simply use the link below to find out if this deal is still available:

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